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Data Breach
  Load 1889134728 from Gripdjur Backups. Display 1889134728 exerpts. RSS//An-Pir-Tskfrc//CaseID:1889134728//CommsTranscript#28 [...]
“We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” Let’s talk [...]
Grudges and debts: First and Second Debt
This document is reposted here from a now defunct Galnet Fora. It will be followed, in time, by continuations. Consider it an exploration of the self, [...]
A Thousand to None
Well then. Can’t say I really expected this outcome, but here we are. I’m sure most of the readers here are aware of Aria Jenneth’s [...]
Disparity and Stagnation
  Let’s talk about disparity and stagnation. We’ll ignore for a moment that even the most paltry capsuleer is still in the top one percent [...]
You’ve never heard about these people.
Let’s talk about the Hevoanthas. Well, one of the Hevoanthas anyway. I found four different groups called that and three of them officially named [...]
Let’s have a little talk about trust, shall we? This is something that tends to be valued, gauged and offered at wildly different ratios by different [...]
Things I am not allowed to do:
1. Buy several billion glass marbles. 2. Otherwise manufacture or procure several billion glass marbles. 3. Try to convince allies to use several billion [...]
Unsanctioned. This really should be in quotation marks. No one with half an ounce of brain matter actually believes it’s unsanctioned. I mean, take a [...]
Thoughts on Futility
It’s futile. There’s no path to success. We can not win this. We can not achieve this goal. It is futile. It’s an odd little notion that [...]