Data Breach

August 21, 2018 - Random Miscellaneous


Load 1889134728 from Gripdjur Backups.
Display 1889134728 exerpts.

CommsInitiateID: Arnold “Sev” Severnas
CommsReceiverID: Franc Heirsson
FRANC: Yeah what?
SEV: Don’t what me. You know why I’m calling.
FRANC: Yeah fine, fine. The money is being transferred.
SEV: Not seeing it.
FRANC: Takes a while. RSS inspections slows down all transfers.
SEV: What’s up with that? Someone futzing the numbers, attracting attention?
FRANC: Probably. Don’t worry, they’re not stopping clean transfers, just tracing and documenting.
SEV: Good. She’s riding me hard. The Z stocks being shorted then?
FRANC: Come on, I tell you the RSS is running an investigation and you talk about that on our comms?
SEV: Sorry, ran out of burners. Didn’t think.
FRANC: Yes they’ll be shorting the stocks. Don’t you dare do something stupid.
SEV: Come on, you know me. I follow the rules.
FRANC: You better, if you bring attention to this, we’re both fucked.
SEV: When have I ever done that?

CommsInitiateID: Arnold “Sev” Severnas
CommsReceiverID: CCIrep2814Redacted
SEV: The Z stock. In blocks. Two million worth.
CCI: You can’t afford that.
SEV: I’m good for it. Just set up the loan.
CCI: I mean, you’re good for it if this pans out, but the market isn’t indicating it at all.
SEV: Trust me. I have the inside scoop.
CCI: So that’ll be anonymous blocks then.
SEV: Yes, and it has to be within the next 48 hours.
CCI: That’ll be tricky.
SEV: You can do it. It’s why I came to you.
CCI: Fine, but its your ass if this goes wrong.
SEV: When have I ever steered you wrong?

CommsInitiateID: Julia Severnas
CommsReceiverID: Arnold “Sev” Severnas
JULIA: Come home, please.
SEV: You know I’m working late today.
JULIA: You’re always working late. I’ve barely seen you for a week.
SEV: You know I miss you, but I’m doing this for us.
JULIA: Surely you can work a bit from home too. I need you.
SEV: I’ve already explained, I need the secure company connection for my work.
JULIA: Okay, whatever. I need you to come look at these catalogs with me.
SEV: Catalogs? Now what?
JULIA: I told you yesterday, we have to re-do the kitchen and the bathroom.
SEV: What? They’re fine. We literally did that six months ago.
JULIA: That’s so six months ago. Henna and Josh redid theirs last month. Black stone furnishings.
SEV: What’s that got to do with anything, ours is fine.
JULIA: You want us to look that bad? I can barely let the maids in.
SEV: How much is this going to cost?
JULIA: Look, the stone has flecks of stable tritanium in it. It’s so in.
SEV: I don’t need this right now.
JULIA: Our kitchen is literally six months old. It’s shameful.
SEV: I have to go. I need to finish this.

CommsInitiateID: Franc Heirsson
CommsReceiverID: Arnold “Sev” Severnas
FRANC: Zainou pulled out. The stocks will remain stable.
SEV: Why are they pulling out? This was a sure thing.
FRANC: I don’t know. There’s talk about higher ups wanting to drop the heat levels on them. RSS are nosier than they should be.
SEV: RSS couldn’t find their own asshole with both hands and a map.
FRANC: Nonetheless, the deal’s off. Good thing this is above our paygrade.
SEV: Yeah. Good thing.
FRANC: You didn’t fucking trade, did you?
SEV: Of course not, I know the rules.
FRANC: Good. The Cartel does not fuck around.
SEV: I do need money though. Julia’s being difficult.
FRANC: Oh it’s that time of the year already? I just let Hannah hire the contractors and deal with it.
SEV: Black stone?
FRANC: Oh, you too? Yeah it’s apparently in.
SEV: Fuck you.
FRANC: Don’t worry, it’s not that expensive. You can do it on the salary.
SEV: Yeah. Yeah I guess. I do need money though. This division isn’t enough.
FRANC: Call me on the burner.

CommsInitiateID: Arnold “Sev” SevernasFranc Heirsson
CommsReceiverID: Franc Heirsson
FRANC: You seriously short on money?
SEV: I’ll be in the red very soon.
FRANC: Are you sure you didn’t fucking trade, asshole?
SEV: I said no, didn’t I?
FRANC: Fine, fine. I can hook you up though. They need people to arrange hostess nights.
SEV: You think I can get clearance for that shit? That’s some of their most vulnerable moments.
FRANC: Told I can hook you up. It’s riskier than the stock trade, but that kind of money is worth it.
SEV: Where do they even get that merchandise?
FRANC: That’s not the kind of question you ever want to ask if I do hook you up. You don’t want to know, for one.
SEV: Right right, don’t worry. It’s just between us.
FRANC: And the Cartel. Never assume the Cartel doesn’t know every niggling little thought in your head.
SEV: I follow the fucking rules.
FRANC: You better. I’ll get you the information.

CommsInitiateID: Arnold “Sev” SevernasF
CommsReceiverID: Franc Heirsson
FRANC: It went well, I hope?
SEV: Went great. A few problems, but only backstage as it were. Flawless where anyone who’s opinion matter saw.
FRANC: Good, I risked my own ass getting you that gig.
SEV: Speaking of ass, have you seen the merchandise they trade at these things?
FRANC: Shut it. You don’t want to go down that line of thought.
SEV: Just saying.
FRANC: The stock got fucked, by the way.
SEV: I know.
FRANC: You watching it? Why?
SEV: No reason. Curiosity.
FRANC: If I fucking find out you traded, I’m burning you.
SEV: I follow the rules.
FRANC: Literally. Tied to a chair. Fuel. Burning you.
SEV: I follow the fucking rules!
FRANC: Hope so. There’s been a lot of strange rumors. There’s a lot of sniffing around our financials.
SEV: RSS aren’t that competent.
FRANC: Don’t underestimate them. Still, you may be right. This feels off. Someone says this is a third party.
SEV: Who?
FRANC: How should I know? Get back to work. There should be half a dozen hostess nights scheduled for the next month.
SEV: On it.

CommsInitiateID: Arnold “Sev” Severnas
CommsReceiverID: Julia Severnas
SEV: What’s that?
JULIA: The living room. It’s tatty.
SEV: Fine. This is going to get expensive, isn’t it?
JULIA: You’re the one who bought that damn car.
SEV: It’s top of the line! I need to look like I belong.
JULIA: Well Saxx is the in artist right now and we need that painting at least.
SEV: I. It’s fine. Okay. Send me the bill.
JULIA: When are you coming home?
SEV: Tomorrow, I promise.
JULIA: You haven’t fucked me in two months.
SEV: …

CommsInitiateID: Franc Heirsson
CommsReceiverID: Arnold “Sev” Severnas
FRANC: It’s definitely not the RSS.
SEV: So it’s fine, no one else can touch us.
FRANC: It’s not fucking fine, it means someone else is on to us.
SEV: Who else matters?
FRANC: Someone who somehow managed to trace the trade division to us, and then the merchandise divisions certainly fucking matter you gaping asshole.
SEV: Relax, who’s going to fuck with the Cartel?
FRANC: I don’t know, but you shouldn’t be so casual about it. Your hostess nights host some serious big shots you know. It’d hurt bad if that shit went places it shouldn’t.
SEV: Don’t worry, how could anyone ever track this? We’re on burners, I’m insulated from trade now.
FRANC: If you followed the rules.
SEV: I followed the rules.
FRANC: You fucking better have.

CommsInitiateID: Arnold “Sev” Severnas
CommsReceiverID: CCIrep2814Redacted
CCI: You what?
SEV: I know it didn’t work out, but I’ve paid it off, haven’t I?
CCI: Sure, and I’d love to know where you came up with that kind of money.
SEV: Doesn’t matter, shut up. Just clear the traces, will you?
CCI: I can’t. It was traded anonymously as we said, but whoever this is, they’re good.
SEV: What are you saying?
CCI: I can’t help you anymore.

CommsInitiateID: Franc Heirsson
CommsReceiverID: Arnold “Sev” Severnas
FRANC: We have to meet. Someone’s on to both our division and your hostess nights.
SEV: Oh come on, that’s impossible.
FRANC: I’m telling you, this isn’t the RSS. There’s some ghost in all our systems.
SEV: Impossible! No one could trace this.
FRANC: If you followed the rules.
SEV: I’m going to fucking bash your brain in with a club emblazoned with “I followed the rules”.
FRANC: Yeah, bring it to the VIP room.
SEV: We’re meeting there?
FRANC: Yeah. I can’t figure out what they’re after, but they somehow zeroed in on you now.
SEV: Why?
FRANC: I don’t fucking know. Was there anyone important in the merchandise selection?
SEV: I’d tell you, but that’d break the rules.
FRANC: Fuck you. Get to the VIP room. Tonight.

VIProomUserIdent: Franc Heirsson
VIProomUserIdent: Arnold “Sev” Severnas
VIProomUserIdent: UNKNOWN “Penumbra”
SEV: I swear if you ask me if I traded again, you’re not leaving this room alive.
FRANC: We have more immediate problems. Those hostess nights can’t be rescheduled.
SEV: Tell me something I don’t know. Relax, I’ve kept them safe.
FRANC: You sure? No records at all?
SEV: None. It’s all in my head, nowhere else.
FRANC: Only reason you’re still alive at this point, I think.
SEV: What the fuck are you saying?
FRANC: They know you broke the rules, asshole. It’s the only way you could have been traced from Finances.
SEV: If that was true, and it wasn’t, why the fuck would I be sitting here with you instead of dead in an airlock?
FRANC: Because the next two months of hostess nights are in your head only. You have those two months to prove yourself.
SEV: How?
FRANC: I don’t know, this is your fuck up. Oh shut up, don’t even try to deny it. We found your blocks.
SEV: … I’m sorry.
FRANC: Yeah, you are. Just don’t hey who the fuck are y…
UNKNOWN: Hello Sev. No no, don’t get up. I’d rather not kill you.
UNKNOWN: Ssshsssh. Shush now. You’re about to become very very useful to me, which is a good thing. Imagine how annoyed I’d be if I’d expended all those resources casting such a wide web without finding a single moron like you, leading me to the… merchandise.
SEV: Oh no oh please no I can’t they’ll fucking kill me they’ll kill Julia they’ll fucking…
UNKNOWN: Doubt it. Oh you’re dead, that’s for sure, but Julia’s ending up as merchandise herself I suspect. You know, like all those cute tattoo’d girls you’ve been handling. Sampling.
SEV: I never touched them, I swear.
SEV: … who are you?
UNKNOWN: Call me Penumbra. Now, let’s get to work.


As all trace of every noted and identified individual in case 1889134728 has gone cold, or ended in a coroner’s report, we’re moving to close this case for the time being. Cases 1899132728, 1889635728, 1999334728, 2009113718 and thirty-three other cases in other agencies remain open and should be cross-referenced with this one due to the high probability of those high-level Republic officials, corporate leaders and others having met their ends in connection to the “hostess nights” mentioned in this case. The woman identifying herself as “Penumbra” remains unknown in all registries in spite of all indications that she is a well known antagonist of the Cartel and other similar entities. I would like to request clarification on why attempts to document this is being blocked, but will assume I get the same non-answers as usual. In any case, there’s nothing else left to pursue in case 1889134728 so AnPir considers this closed.

Display ends.

Got them home. Some of them.